Month: May 2023

Gangte Family

NAMES 1. Mr. Paotinlal Gangte, Retired IPS Officer (Family Patriarch)2. Mr. Lenkhothang Gangte3. Mrs. Urmila Devi Rajkumari (Wife of Lenkhothang Gangte aka Korabin)4. Mr. Lalpithang Gangte (Son of Korabin and Lenkhothang)5. Miss Nieng Emsel Angelina Gangte (Daughter of Korabin and Lenkhothang) DATES (Local Time – IST) From: May 4th 11:00 AM LOCATION Home: Pisgah Bhavan […]

Gwite Family Story

GWITE FAMILY STORY NAMES Mrs. Aichhung Gwite 77 (Mother of Florence Lowe & Paukhanmung Gwite) Mrs. Biakhoih Gwite, Analyst, Bank of Baroda 33 (Wife of Paukhanmung Gwite) Miss Thianhoih Gwite, 13 (Children of Biakhoih & Paukhanmung) Master Lian Gwite, 5 (Children…) Miss Kim Gwite, 5 (Children…) Master Thanson, 2 (Children…) Miss Hoihnu, 17 (Live-in help) […]

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